The secret to petite sizing

Apr 10, 2024

Ever wondered how petite sizing works, or how petite clothing is different to regular sizes?

It takes around 8 separate fittings to get each of our pieces absolutely perfect, which is enough time to pick up a thing or two about petite proportions.

Here’s how we nail them.

By adjusting all the right things

Although it might feel like it, being petite doesn’t just mean you’ve got short legs. You’re a bit shorter all over. Petite sizing adjusts everything proportionately. That means the waist sits higher, the shoulders are narrower, and the sleeves are shorter, as well as the shorter inside leg (cries in 27 inches).

By leaving other things as they are

Just a few irritating things about women’s sizing, aren’t there – who came up with it? (Our money’s on a bloke). Be great if every retailer could use the same size chart, and if petite sizing didn’t run small.

That doesn’t make much sense to us. If you’re a 25” waist, that should be a size 8 whether you’re 5’2” or 5’10”, surely?

So we’ve put a lot of thought into creating a size chart that makes sense, and remembered that just because you’re short, doesn’t mean you don’t have curves.

By designing with different figures in mind

When you’re 5’1”, every inch counts, so we’ve put a lot of effort into creating shapes that are flattering on petite figures. That means nipping and flowing in all the right places.

And just because we’re short, doesn’t mean we’re all the same proportions. To allow for different shapes, we’ve included little details like ruching, elasticated waists and adjustable straps.

Luckily for us, our sister is the same clothing size but more evenly-proportioned*, which means we’ve been able to test out each piece on both a curvier and slimmer figure.

*We’re shorter, wider, AND older, as our mum pointed out.

By being meticulous about the fit

Did we mention it takes around 8 fittings to get each piece perfect? It feels like a lot more when you’re stood in a 4◦C studio wearing just your underwear and a piece of satin covered in pins.

But that’s what it takes to get everything looking just so. We want the flawless waist, the perfect angle of the bust, immaculate ruching, that impeccable drape. It’s these little nips and tucks (quite that many pins seemed unnecessary) that elevate our pieces and make you look sensational.

By being generous with the info

Why do fashion brands not photograph their petite pieces separately? They think we don’t know they’ve just used the 5’9” model photo in the regular version. We’re barely an afterthought.

Well we took all those questions we usually have (how tall is she? What size is she wearing? What are her measurements?) and included them in all our product descriptions, along with a detailed size guide.

Not to mention the model is a) wearing the clothes properly, and b) not doing a cartwheel in the photo.