Our clothes are designed for women between 4’11” and 5’3”. We know this will be disappointing for you if you’re shorter; this was the maximum range of heights we can realistically guarantee a good fit.

However, some pieces are more flexible than others, depending on the length, style, and your body proportions.

To help you get a good idea how each piece will fit you, we’ve included lengths in our product descriptions, as well as the model’s height.

Still not sure? Drop us a line girltalk@shoptheshortlist.co.uk and we’ll give you our honest opinion.

You can learn more about how we tailor the petite fit here.

Since women’s sizing is completely arbitrary (who’s brilliant idea was that? Our money’s on a bloke) we always recommend you check the size guide before ordering.

On each product page, we’ve included the model’s height and measurements, as well as sizing advice, so you can picture how it will look on you.

And if you’re still not sure, you can email us at girltalk@shoptheshortlist.co.uk or drop us a message on Instagram with your measurements and we’ll give you bespoke sizing advice.

When creating each piece, we used fitting models with different proportions to make sure each piece works well on those with smaller and larger bust sizes where we can. For reference, the size 6 sample was a good fit on both a 32A and a 30E bust size.

Since we’re small, and still learning about demand for different sizes, it makes sense to let you pre-order new pieces rather than guessing how many of each size to make.

It helps save waste, save money, and save you any disappointment, too.

Our plan is to return to doing small production runs in the future, once we’ve got a few more launches under our belts.

We open pre-order for new pieces for a limited amount of time – usually around a week. You add an item to your basket and select the size you want from the dropdown box at checkout.

Once pre-order closes, we order the precise amount of fabric and trims we need to make the orders, and go into production at our London studio.

Each order is shipped as soon as it’s ready, but we ask you to allow around six weeks, plus postage time. We consider this when planning launches – for example, our mini autumn launch was in August, so that pieces would be ready in October. Then in October we take orders of our Autumn/Winter collection, so you’ll have them for Christmas and New Year.

You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

No postal orders, cheques or banker’s drafts. It’s not 1990.

Best thing to do is contact us as soon as you can by emailing girltalk@shoptheshortlist.co.uk. Let us know your order number and we’ll see what we can do.

That doesn’t sound like us – we’re really sorry. Every piece is made, checked, and packed with care, but mistakes can still happen (we’re human, too).

Let’s get it fixed for you. Fill out the contact form here or email girltalk@shoptheshortlist.co.uk. Send us a picture of your item and tell us what’s wrong so we can put things right.

We’re just an online store for now. Not only does it mean we’re more accessible, but we think it’s the future, really.

Our main gripe with online shopping is not having enough information to decide whether a piece is right for us – and which size to get. Which is why we’ve crammed as much detail as possible into all our product descriptions, and thought about what questions you might have before buying.

We think we’ll remain an online-only store, although now we think about it…


It definitely has a ring to it, eh?

In Bristol and in London.

All of our pieces were originally sampled and brought to life in Bristol, by a lovely lady called Eloise and her team of talented seamstresses*. Over the course of several months and numerous fittings, we perfected every single design – from the size of each button, to the angle of the bust, to the width or each strap.

We now split production between Eloise’s studio and another small studio in London – a great little find and one we’re proud to work with. It means Eloise can fit in all her other tailoring work, too.

*The quality of their work is impeccable, and they’re always wearing something extremely quirky and cool whenever we drop by (think Villanelle in Killing Eve, sigh).

We think that all fashion brands should do their bit for the environment, and we hold ourselves responsible for that, too. At the moment it means:

  • All our pieces are made by seamstresses who are paid fairly
  • We manufacture in the UK to support the local textile industry and reduce carbon emissions
  • All our packaging is fully recyclable or biodegradable (and much of it is recycled materials, too)
  • We manufacture in small quantities
  • Our pieces are designed to keep and cherish

It depends.

For some pieces we wouldn’t recommend it, and for others it’s okay.

All the care details are on the product description pages, and on the care tag attached to your piece.

Please note that none of our pieces like tumble driers – you risk shrinking them (the irony).

Yes, please do. The box and tags are recyclable, and the tissue paper and stickers (including the postage label) are biodegradable.

Accept them graciously – say thanks, don’t look too pleased with yourself, and then move the conversation on: “Oh, thank you – yes it’s a lovely colour, isn’t it. Shall we order another mimosa?”