How to make your outfits more flattering (instantly) if you’re petite

This really is a quick and easy way to look taller and better-proportioned if you’re petite (the title’s not clickbait if we follow through on our promise).


Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered why your outfit doesn’t look quite right?

It might be that your outfit proportions aren’t doing you justice, and this is where something called the Rule of Thirds comes in.


Introducing: The Rule of Thirds

rule of thirds composition


The Rule of Thirds is a theory that’s applied to lots of things – art, architecture, and photography, among other things. It’s used in designing beautiful buildings, in the composition of paintings, and in setting up the perfect photograph. And it’s where fashion meets science (sort of).

The basic idea is that unbalanced proportions are much more flattering than balanced ones. They’re more interesting on the eye, and we prefer them (subconsciously). Applying the rule of thirds to your outfits can therefore make you look taller and less frumpy (not our words). And it’s quick and easy to do – what’s not to love.

An example

emma roberts rule of thirds

Take a look at these photographs of Emma Roberts. Notice how she looks better on the right? It’s because her outfit is in 1/3 and 2/3 sections (unbalanced proportions).


How to apply the Rule of Thirds to your outfits

So the aim here is just to make your outfit unbalanced. It doesn’t matter whether the larger section is your top or bottom half, either.


Some outfits have this sorted already – for example, a maxi dress with a cinched waist has already created those two sections for you.


Here are some easy ideas that you can try right now:


Wear high-waisted jeans and tuck your top in (it doesn’t need to be a fitted top, this is just about the sections of your outfit)

Avoid jackets, jumpers and cardigans that end at your hip. Choose longer or shorter ones instead

Show off your legs in a mini dress or skirt

Wear a high-waisted midi skirt

Wear a bardot top, which shows off your chest and shoulders and breaks up your torso

Elongate your bottom section by wearing matching-colour shoes (for example, pointed black boots with black jeans will extend your lower section if you’re wearing a waist-length jumper)

Put a longer jacket on over the top of a balanced outfit


We don’t think it’s an exact science but after doing our reading/an intense Google image search, we definitely think there’s something to it. And anything that helps us dress better is fine by us.