Style Advice Series: Big Boobs, Small Frame

The problem

I’m 5ft and size 8-10 with a 30G bust. I feel like I often look shapeless and frumpy, and my small waist ends up hidden. If I wear tighter clothes to show my shape, I look too busty and feel self-conscious. I wear minimiser bras, which help, and avoid high necklines, but I struggle with shapes and proportions.


Our advice

We’re all thinking it – you sound gorgeous. But we understand that being hourglass has its drawbacks, especially when you’re short. Every woman, no matter her figure, will have things she can and can’t pull off, so think of these tips as ways to do yourself justice, rather than conceal things.


Let’s get right into it.


Celebrities with your body shape

celebrities with big boobs

To start with, we’d like to point out that you’re in good company

(from L-R: Salma Hayek, Katy Perry, Halle Berry, Lara Stone, Kat Dennings, Kate Upton, Sofia Vergara)


5 ways to do your figure justice


  1. Nip your waist

rule of thirds petite women

Emphasising your small frame doesn’t have to mean wearing tight clothing. It can be tempting to wear loose tops to cover your bust, but they end up hanging off your boobs like a tent. Start tucking your tops in instead – it nips in your waist, shows off your frame, and instantly makes you appear smaller.


  1. Be picky about necklines

best tops for petite women big boobs

Square or V-necklines and wrap tops are endlessly flattering on a large bust. They elongate your neck, draw attention to your collarbones and break up your torso. Use a calabash pin to attach the point of the V to your bra – it prevents that ‘wall’ of boob you can get from the side.


  1. Choose drapey fabrics

best blouses for big boobs

Blouses are your best friend. There’s a happy medium here – you’re not going for loose and billowy shapes that will drown you. Instead, choose drapey fabrics that will soften and minimise your bust.


  1. Wear oversized shirts

oversized shirt jeans petite women

Shirts can be tricky – if you fit your waist, the buttons strain across your chest. If you fit your chest, you look swamped. But an oversized shirt tied at the waist, or tucked in, is endlessly flattering. You’ll draw attention to your legs, waist and bum, whilst skimming over your bust.


  1. Layer with structure

how to layer big boobs petite

Layering can help to balance your frame out a bit and move attention away from your bust. Structured jackets and blazers are brilliant for this, as are long cardigans. Scarfs are great, too. Instead of wrapping them (creating more bulk), let them skim over your bust.

And a few things to avoid



They can make your petite torso appear even shorter


They’ll emphasise a large bust by making the whole chest area merge into one large space – lovely.


These tend to exaggerate top-heaviness


These are often bulky and heavily structured – opt for smooth, minimal styles with support instead


They strain across your bust and will draw attention to it


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